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Controlling Costs of Workers Comp and Unemployment Taxes

Controlling costs, two that most don’t  and never knew how!

Let’s talk about controling costs !!!!!! I have been calling on business owners for the last 16 years and have only had about 5 % who actually know what SUTA stands for and what their current tax rate is for it. SUTA is the acronym for State Unemployment Tax Act and depending on your state I have seen the minimum rate as low as .6% of payroll or $.60 per $100.00 in payroll and up to In  some states now topping […]

Sales Reps, Who Needs Them?

Sales Reps; how to make time for them, and why! I challenge you to walk around your company location and make a list of any purchases that were not made through some form of sales, either direct mail, catalogues or sales  representatives. Sales Rep Calling on ProspectI have been in management for years and also spent a
considerable amount of time as a sales rep who called on business owners. What  I have learned is that most managers and owners have a genuine dislike for  sales reps as I once did. What I want to put forth here […]

Decrease in Productivity?

Feeding the Hog!In my last post I mentioned that I was going to tell about a decrease in productivity and the story of “Feeding the Hog” which I heard from the Esteemed Dan Mollaun V.P. of Human Resources with Roto Rooter.


The story goes like this, once upon a time there was a large sawmill that turned logs into lumber and the company had been family owned for about 100 years.
Well finally the family sold the highly profitable sawmill to a large corporation. The corporation sent in a group of young MBA type agressive managers who […]

Increase Productivity Now!

 Increase Productivity Now!


The Hawthorne Effect’s well-documented phenomenon

 that affects many research experiments in social sciences.

It is the process where human subjects of an experiment change
their behavior, simply because they are being studied. This is one of the
hardest inbuilt biases to eliminate or factor into the design.

When I was hired to manage a turnaround of a Industrial Healthcare laundry
facility the primary factor hurting the bottom line was the high labor cost
compared to the rest of the industry. it took […]

End of February Sales Decline! Guess why?

Courtesy of Drugwatch.comIt is your responsibility to know the times and the seasons
of your company’s sales cycle. Especially when it has a seasonal sales decline. You alone are responsible for knowing when business  is going to be good when it’s not going to be good, then how many  employees to put on staff for the day or not  to. As a manager I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to control  the amount of labor cost that was going on in that particular business at that  particular time.

Back when I was demoted at […]