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” Who is my neighbor? I mean Co-worker?

In the Bible in Luke Chapter 10 a man who was an expert in the law asked Jesus the famous question that has inspired the Good Samaritan Laws all over the world two thousand years later. I submit the question to you in terms of the workplace?


Who is my Co-worker? The story that Jesus told was about a man who was beaten and left for dead, and how a Priest passed on by without  helping him, we’ll call that Senior Management since that is their bailywick to  know and administer the policies and rules of the […]

Managing Moments of Truth

Managing the Moments of Truth in your business is the key to

success or failure, whether you believe it or not!

Whether it is the Supply house with a pothole bigger than a truck, or a daycare with no one shoveling the ice and snow in a storm, or the promise of a delivery date they all are critical issues that can and do affect the growth and reputation of your company.  When you have sales reps trained to make certain promises and then they are treated as best guesses afterward, you are telling your customers […]

Increase Productivity Now!

 Increase Productivity Now!


The Hawthorne Effect’s well-documented phenomenon

 that affects many research experiments in social sciences.

It is the process where human subjects of an experiment change
their behavior, simply because they are being studied. This is one of the
hardest inbuilt biases to eliminate or factor into the design.

When I was hired to manage a turnaround of a Industrial Healthcare laundry
facility the primary factor hurting the bottom line was the high labor cost
compared to the rest of the industry. it took […]

PEO? What is a Professional Employer Organization?

PEO’s function as Professional Trusted Advisors exactly like your Attorney, CPA, and Insurance Agent! 

PEO’s like your other Trusted Advisors provide professional expertise, advice, and indemnify you against exposure to risk from legal violations, accident damages, and negligence damages. 

The truth is that there is more exposure from having Employee’s than from any other business activity. Employers are more aware than ever that legal compliance to regulations relating to employees is growing faster than they have time to keep up with! 

Not only is the […]

End of February Sales Decline! Guess why?

Courtesy of Drugwatch.comIt is your responsibility to know the times and the seasons
of your company’s sales cycle. Especially when it has a seasonal sales decline. You alone are responsible for knowing when business  is going to be good when it’s not going to be good, then how many  employees to put on staff for the day or not  to. As a manager I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to control  the amount of labor cost that was going on in that particular business at that  particular time.

Back when I was demoted at […]