How To Keep Your Business And Get Your Life Back



Calling all small business owners! whether you are contractors, retail, service companies, manufacturers and all the rest! Do you remember that day when you first decided to go into the Human Resources field?  What . . . back up that recording!  you mean that is not what you intended?  Oh, that’s right the Government made that decision for you.

You made the decision to get into business to support your family, follow your dreams or carry on the family business. But if you grew that business to multiple employees ( Yes you really did do that!) then the government with its well meaning oversight decided you were in the Human Resources business as well. They decided it the first day you had a worker’s comp claim that didn’t seem legitimate. The first time someone drew unemployment who wasn’t qualified. The first time you decided to check someone’s references. Oh and don’t forget the first time you had to hire or fire someone!

You see even though you started out to pursue your dream of building a business and brand based upon your personal character and providing a service or product that reflects that. Just don’t get so distracted that you forget the government has hundreds of thousands of employees and pages of regulations to keep you under their thumb.

Here is a link to a chart of U.S. Labor Laws By the Number of Employees You Have :

Many Small businesses are using the spouse or family member to try and keep up with this plus produce payroll and tax statements. This in the beginning sounds great “It’s a family business, right!” however I have seen several incidents where the family was operating this way and suddenly the driving force behind the growth through sales is taken out of the picture through health or death. This is tragic because what I have witnessed is the family member, usually the spouse is left with the intimate knowledge of producing the basic payroll but is not equipped to go out and sustain or grow the business revenue because that was the other persons domain. I have witnessed the wife of several struggle and ultimately remarry one of the employees who helps to run the business. Or worse they are forced into a distressed sale of assets within the first year.

IS THAT REALLY YOUR SUCCESSION PLAN TO CONTINUE THE BUSINESS? I recommend you seriously consider getting familiar and involved in outsourcing the things that don’t make money and focus your training and experience for family members on marketing and new business development.  In an emergency that will be the most critical skill to keep the pipeline flowing and sustaining earnings to maintain lifestyle for the family.

How you have endured and managed to swim upstream is a reflection of the cost you have paid whether it be financial, emotional, family, or physical stress. Yes it takes a tremendous toll on the human body to strike out on your own bearing the responsibility for your family and other people’s families who depend on your continued efforts and sacrifices to keep the momentum going forward.

I would like to share with you a growing industry that hundreds of thousands of business owners are choosing to Keep Their Business and Get their Lives Back. These owners are growing on average 7-8% faster than the competition and are able to live a less stressful, more focused life.

Please click the link and watch  a short video that does a fantastic job explaining the program that hundreds of thousands of owners have chosen and are using right now!

How To Keep Your Business and Get Your Life Back 

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