No Matter the Size

They all NEED an Anchor...

Let's Get Your Quote STARTED!

  • Contact Information (office phone, cell, fax, email)
  • Title and position in the company.
  • A short description of your company like the industry you are in and how long in business.
  • The number and types of employees you have ie: sales, truck driver, maintenance, production, etc.
  • Number of locations, states you operate in, or number of businesses to quote.
  • If your business is a new entity send us

  • Your Accord Insurance Application from your agent!
  • If you are already with another PEO we'll need

  • Last two Billings showing the comp codes and $ payroll each ( you can black out the bill rates)
  • Copy of the Workers Compensation Policy Declaration Page ( Must Have)
  • Last years SUTA RATE DETERMINATION Page (Must Have)
  • 3 years Workers Compensation Loss runs (Must Have)
  • Number of W2's issued last year (Must Have)
  • Total Dollars annualized Payroll ( Must Have)
  • Payroll broken down by W/Comp code ( Must Have)
  • Payroll dates and frequency ( I.E. Weekly, Friday noon) (Must Have)

There may be more depending on your industry and situation but this will get us way down the road to a firm price. We expect to have PEO Quotes proposals ready within a week of having all the neccessary documentation. We can get up to 6 proposals for you to choose from by various carriers.