check your drawers-author-robert eatonCheck Your Drawers

And Other Timely Advice For Today’s Managers

by Robert Eaton

The book is compiled of 76 chapters each surrounding a true story or events that teach a fundamental lesson for frontline and middle managers. The goal of the book is to be used as a tool to elevate the street smarts and management understanding of entry level and middle managers. The book  covers many subjects including hiring, competition, marketshare, and productivity.

The goal of this book is to pass on to small business owners, frontline and middle managers the business acumen and approach to management that I learned by working for and with some of the smartest businessmen in America. This approach to management is primarily a combination of lessons and stories that are spread throughout the chapters. It is the process of looking back and analyzing what just happened, discerning what is happening right now good or bad, and then figuring out how to control the direction you are going forward. It is a way of thinking, an approach to situations that will ultimately help you know what you are doing. If you read and acquire mastery of the concepts of the Back Azimuth, Stop, Look, and Listen, and the Photo Negative contained in this book I believe it will affect how you manage forever.

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